6 Inch Gold Auto Screener

Gold Auto Screener
6″ Auto Screener

Processing Concentrates

The C&S 6″ Gold Auto Screen is designed to process your concentrates into sizes larger than 1/8″ and sizes 1/8″ and under. The 1/8″ and under concentrates can be processed further with the Gold Genie, while the larger concentrates can be panned.

How The Auto Screen Works

The screens in the trommel are 1/8 inch, so all concentrates 1/8 and smaller will fall through the trommel screen to be captured and later processed with the Gold Genie or similiar device. The concentrates larger than 1/8″, will pass through the trommel and out the discharge to be captured and panned for nuggets.

The 6″ auto screen comes standard with a powerful pump and a stainless steel 6 inch trommel. We build with stainless steel as it lasts longer because of it’s corrosion and wear resistance.

Portable 6 Inch Gold Screen Specifications

  • 6 Inch Stainless Steel Trommel
  • 12 Volt Powered
  • Recirculates Water
  • Separates Material 1/8″ & Under For Further Processing

6 Inch Gold Screen Pricing

  • Gold Screener 1995.00
  • Crating – 100.00 – 400.00
  • Shipping – Freight Collect
  • Payment – Check or Money Order

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